Warm! Four stories tell the precise poverty alleviation

Currently three counties in Xining, there are 1 state-level poverty-stricken counties, the poverty of the county’s six counties in the mountains of the 2, the poor village of the 330! In Xining mountain area, mountain ravines in the brain in the folds of life, such a group of people, they have a common name – poor households. These are the disability, illness, natural disaster, environment blocked the dream of poverty, there are still 76 thousand people, accounted for 14.68% of the province, is the most difficult of poverty alleviation "yinggutou"!

shifting out of happiness:

singles even disappeared

into the Huangzhong County Republican Town Wangjiashan relocation village, greeted the orderly farmers new homes, spacious and clean, take on an altogether new aspect Village Cultural Square, all demonstrating a new meteorological village. Villagers doorstep with a flag, in order to express the most sincere gratitude to the party and the government. For the people of the village, the relocation to bring them happiness.


once the royal village is a poor village in Huangzhong county is located in the famous village, pure mountainous area, more than and 40 kilometers from the county, the traffic is very inconvenient. Before the implementation of the relocation, the villagers per capita net income of less than 1000 yuan, the children need to be away from the village outside the 7 km;


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