Xining City, north of the three new rural left behind children’s home

recently, in the province of rural left behind children’s thematic working group fifth meeting and exchange of experience, the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial education department, the Provincial Civilization Office named a total of 50 rural left behind children’s home. Among them, the north area of Mao Sheng Temple community, Guangming primary school and primary school dabuzi was named as the home of provincial rural migrant children left behind, Guangming primary school principal peak was named the province’s advanced personal care for migrant children left behind.

at present, there are 3294 children left behind in the north of the city. Migrant children’s home has a library, counseling rooms and activity rooms, it’s built, not only for migrant children to build an interactive platform, will also meet the left-behind children extra-curricular learning, cultural life, rights protection, family education and other needs. (author: Peng Nafan health building)


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