Provincial Party committee issued on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinpi

pointed out that the "opinions", adhere to the correct direction of development, firmly grasp the "three points of a solid work, actively practice the new concept of development, to further promote the construction of the" three zones ", to forge ahead, work hard to learn the general secretary’s loving care and expectation into the whole province, forge ahead in unity, undertaking vivid practice.

recently, the Qinghai provincial Party committee issued the "opinions" on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in the spirit of the delegation of Qinghai important speech, the "opinions" from 5 aspects of 22 major initiatives to study and implement the spirit of the speech habits to make comprehensive arrangements.

the "opinions" pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Qinghai delegation participating in the deliberations issued, fully affirmed in recent years, Qinghai’s achievements, further established the direction of the development of Qinghai, highlighting the focus of work in Qinghai. Speak profound ideas, rich, focused, targeted and strong guidance, Qinghai is the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" good start, winning a comprehensive well-off society guide to action.

stressed that the "opinions", to firmly establish the concept of innovation, coordination, development of green, open and shared, the full implementation of the main functional area planning, continue to promote the construction of the "three zones", promote the work to a new level.

the "opinions" on the General Secretary Xi "and promoting the protection of the ecological environment, to further clarify the need to further promote the major ecological projects, deepen the reform of ecological civilization, strengthen the comprehensive improvement of energy saving and emission reduction, pay close attention to environment, efforts to promote green development, promote the formation of green lifestyle, to build Qinghai into a beautiful Chinese around the beautiful name card; study the general secretary of the" promotion of poverty alleviation ", to further clarify the ideas to establish goals, adhere to the precise guidelines, pay more attention to education poverty, poverty alleviation of poverty formation ability, improve the effect of sustainability, ensure the realization of" focus on poverty, a year to strengthen the promotion of the goal of four years; according to the General Secretary Xi ‘promotion the development of ethnic areas, to further clarify the need to enhance the consciousness of the nation to do the work, To strengthen infrastructure construction, cultivate ethnic characteristics and advantages of the industry, the orderly development of the advantages of resource characteristics of minority areas and minority areas so that people share the fruits of reform and development, carry out activities to create national unity and progress, to maintain social stability in ethnic areas, various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development.

the "opinions" stressed the need to further enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of human resources as the core, to promote the implementation of work. To strengthen organizational leadership, give full play to the leading role, and vigorously promote the formation of the Yushu earthquake relief spirit and the Tibetan Plateau five special "in the spirit of struggle, encourage the majority of Party members and cadres further forge ahead, work hard, the loving care and Yin Xi general secretary’s expectations into cutting down the province’s unity, general business lively practice.



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