Xining New Year’s day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival mass cultural activities officially launche

Xining to promote the excellent traditional culture, promote the winter tourism activities in depth, meet the people’s growing spiritual and cultural needs, embody the charm of Xining culture and multicultural art style, enhance people’s happiness index, Xining 2013 new year and Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival mass cultural activities in Xining start.

Xining 2013 New Year’s day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival during the mass cultural activities are divided into three plates. The first section, "happiness" the new vitality of Xining, from the beginning of January 2013 culture to send blessings activities; in December 21, 2012, 25 days, 28 evening 19:30 respectively in the Qinghai grand theater theatre held people sing happy series of activities; otherwise the art palace for a happy New Year concert series of activities will be held at the Qinghai Grand Theatre; 1 January, 2 the 3 day at 13:30 every day, people in the central square stage held "Spring Dance" performance; the night of 31 December 2012 New Year bell sounded happy; on January 20, 2013 to 22 at the Provincial Museum "Dan elegant spring" exhibition; January 1st to February 25th held "happy new year, happy life spring households in the south of spring flower nursery exhibition; summer winter rhyme tour happiness Tour event will invite people into the Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Culture Museum, Qinghai Tibetan Museum, Qinghai Provincial Museum, science and Technology Museum, the Qinghai Tibet plateau natural museum, so that the public experience of science and technology, cultural development. Xining will also be held in the fortieth New Year’s day round the city and Xining City, the new year to meet the new farmer’s basketball game, such as the twenty-second.

third plate, "colorful Xining – city of happiness", the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine to seventeen month, held a riot of colours and happy city street lantern show activities. During the festival, people’s Park will be held;


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