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Datong County side fragrance Ma Gou Cun Mu flowers farm smelling; Huangyuan County Ma Ni Taiwan village family hotel next to a mountain, mountain relocation; for the brain poor people "dream home" construction site, be in full swing…… These thriving beauty, let us feel the development of Xining through the development of precision poverty.

with the poverty alleviation and development work to push, more and more difficult. At present, the city still has 76 thousand people living in poverty, poverty presents regional and comprehensive characteristics, has become the most difficult place". The face of a deeper level of poverty, the higher the cost of poverty reduction, more difficult to get rid of the problem, the more important task of practical problems, if you rely on conventional means, poverty alleviation work can be described as limited.

innovation mode, precise force, and never let the poor people left behind! To find out the base, cohesion force, tackling poverty and improve institutional mechanisms, to win the war as the top priority of poverty alleviation! At the third meeting of the leading group on poverty alleviation and development in the city, party secretary Wang Xiao pointed out that the provincial poverty alleviation work resolutely implement the requirements, do a solid job tackling poverty. The city should do a good job of poverty alleviation work as a major political responsibility, firm confidence and determination, and resolutely fulfill the quality and quantity to achieve the objectives and tasks.

and as one of the main battlefield of poverty alleviation in our province since 2015, highlighting the effectiveness of our city, from reality, according to local conditions, user facilities strategy and people facilities strategy, classification promote industrial poverty, poverty alleviation, immigration intellectual poverty, "flood irrigation for precision irrigation, change" blood transfusion "for" complete the goal of poverty alleviation, blood.

50 thousand yuan loan to a happy life

"thank the precise Poverty Alleviation Policies of the party and the state, for me and my family out of poverty has brought new hope and confidence, in 50 thousand yuan of credit support, I will fight poverty as soon as possible."

– Datong Baoku Xiang Si Tang Cun Zhang Yuanlai

– the past: in order to take care of children of migrant workers, not only he engaged in farming at home, but suffer from lack of funds management turnover, loan difficulties, business scale has not expanded, failed to shake off poverty.The

now: Datong County Poverty Alleviation Office actively with the county agricultural firm cohesion, introduced for the poor masses of financial innovation products — "happy loan". With the support of credit;


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