County air quality ranking applauded

In December 10th, a report entitled "air quality in four districts and counties in November," the report occupied the "Xining evening news," the front page position of the three! Look at the title, I couldn’t help to applauded! Because, this ranking out of the people of high quality air quality expectations! Discharged from the livelihood of the people in the municipal government on the agenda no doubt important position! The discharge of the county must not discount the completion of the livelihood of the people’s livelihood objectives and tasks of historical responsibility…… What’s more, it gives out an unprecedented determination to do the work of people’s livelihood! Released a report to the people, the work will normalize the important signal!

this report revealed "important information" is how all walks of life in the city in the people’s livelihood as? How effective? People are not satisfied with the satisfaction, are likely to sub industry, according to District, the Department was ranked! Ranking may also take fine principles, divided into days, weeks, months, years, etc.. More importantly, the general public is eager for such a ranking, looking forward to more industry so so ranking can be regular!

ranking is not the purpose of just means, in order to let the responsibility department work (both good and bad) to the general public a report, a confession, let the people have the accounts, let the municipal government have the accounts, which forced the responsible departments must not break the buckle do a good job, let the public satisfaction, so that the municipal government is satisfied, so, we move towards life of the city, the city of happiness will be more sonorous and forceful pace.  


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