20 thousand yuan entrepreneurial projects can also be a large collection of low-cost

around in our social life, there are a lot of good million rich project can be selected, including these million rich venture projects, often the investment cost is relatively small, while the business risk is relatively low, so what?

2 million venture summary: 13 thousand yuan to open the ice bar

2 million business summary: 16 thousand open a shop

whitening teeth

2 million business summary: 20 thousand yuan to open a Rare Stone Store

2 million venture summary: 20 thousand yuan to open a peanut square

in the market, instant tofu room is already a very mature project, welcomed by the public, the profit is relatively stable. In fact, peanuts have the same potential for development, if you do a peanut square must be able to make money.

is actually in the real life, there are many such some million rich venture projects, at the same time as a caring entrepreneur, should be in the normal life, a lot of attention to some of the entrepreneurial projects.


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