Our province for the comprehensive (Supplement) issued martyrs certificate

In April 10th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, according to the deployment of the Ministry of civil affairs in our province, "the martyr certificate" change (s) work started in early April, held by relatives of the martyrs of the county civil affairs department related documents to the domicile of the registration, the county (city, District, and city (Commission) state) and the provincial Civil Affairs Department audit level, and county level civil affairs departments of the domicile of the replacement, replacement. Provincial Civil Affairs Department has announced the specific procedures in Qinghai civil affairs portal.

it is understood that the change (s) range of hair "martyrs certificate" has the following five: 1 martyrs relatives (refers to the martyrs of the parents or dependents, spouse, children, brothers and sisters) hold the certificate of "revolutionary martyrs", after the approval by the renewal of "martyrs certificate". 2 with the existence of a number of martyrs, "revolutionary martyrs certificate", only a renewal of the "martyrs certificate". 3 martyrs direct relatives of the original hold the revolutionary martyrs certificate lost or not for some reason, with reference to the local martyrs list and other information, after the issuance of the audit. 4 martyrs sacrifice after the marriage of the martyrs, in the absence of other immediate family members of the martyrs, it can be replaced, the replacement of the martyrs certificate. Before the liberation of the sacrifice of 5 martyrs, change (s) Awards like "martyrs certificate"; after the liberation of the martyrs, change (s) certificate type "martyrs certificate". At the same time, found that the witness does not comply with the provisions of the license, will stop the renewal of the martyrs certificate. The original "revolutionary martyrs certificate" by the withdrawal of the county civil affairs department, and complete the relevant material review and submit work to the end of June this year.  


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