115 Taiwan tourists come to a cool summer

August 1st, Xining airport ushered in the 115 most distinguished guests, longing for the blue sky of Qinghai, the mysterious Kunlun cultural essence, the vast expanse of the Qinghai Lake, they are far from Taipei flew to the beautiful Qinghai Xining.

with a huge propeller sound sound, Taipei – Xining flights into Xining airport at 15:15 on time, when the plane slowly into the ramp, waiting in the car on both sides of the water into the air jet out of the white mist, with the highest courtesy so to meet the guests from afar.

it is understood that the 115 tourists green is Taipei local travel agencies to organize the tour guide, a travel agency Miss Lee said that after the Taipei – Xining flights opened, the travel agency registration offered staff to reach more than and 50 people, because it is a flight, fear that visitors will be influenced by the altitude, hypoxia and low temperature the factors such as Qinghai, the body will be uncomfortable, so the arrangement of the first group of 20 tourists a good physical condition has been offered, beautiful Qinghai is renowned at home and abroad, this time to see the magnificent scenery of Qinghai. The tour will be from the city of Xining, visit Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake, Menyuan rape flowers to worship, but also the Shanxi Phoenix, travel 7 days, visitors can enjoy a swim in the Qinghai Lake, a taste of Qinghai flavor snacks, feel the cultural atmosphere here.

Taiwan tourists bag lady on the plane for the cool summer temperatures amazing, she said: "before the promotion of the album saw the beautiful Qinghai Lake, Tibetan antelope, Kumbum Monastery, can take a flight stop now, before still for his health concerns, did not expect an altitude of 2200 meters was also no response and this should be the scorching heat of summer, here don’t feel a bit hot, the climate here is too cool, we have to stay a few days, take a look at the beautiful scenery of Qinghai." (author: Fang Xu)


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