The streets of the city is now the first flash promotional activities

Are you free for shopping malls around the face, suddenly more than 30 uniformed police invariably appeared, holding anti fraud publicity slogans, you will be surprised, what reaction? Incident will join?3

July 17th in the afternoon, if you just passing the Grand Cross of Mo street market, wells lane, limeng commercial street, you will encounter such a group of "strange" police, they suddenly appeared like a swarm of bees, hand to prevent network telecommunications fraud propaganda slogans, short stay for about 5 minutes and then quickly evacuated, disappeared. Who are they? From where? Originally, this is a street "Xining City Public Security Bureau, more than 30 young police spontaneous flash action, to the novel in a way for young people to accept the public to prevent telecommunications fraud propaganda network.


really have not seen such publicity!" accompany the children out shopping, Ms. Wang said, had often seen the flash of the news, did not think I really feel close to, let my heart warm, this activity is very meaningful." Richpower commercial street merchant surnamed Li was very appreciated.

The activities of

promoter reporter has been introduced to the "flash" simply said, is that many people use the Internet to contact, through QQ or BBS agreed to a designated location, in the specified time while doing a specified is not illegal but very interesting action, then hurry people. In view of the current young people online shopping accounted for the main characteristics, to strengthen the network to prevent telecommunications fraud awareness by the young police through the internal network platform launched a "fashion" campaign.




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