West three rural village to send warmth

in Liu Zhai village, a beautiful song, a lively dance, officially opened the prelude to the west area of the "three rural areas" theatrical performances. Wonderful theatrical performances won hundreds of people at the scene burst of applause.

January 3rd afternoon, Liu Zhai village singing and dancing, lively extraordinary. In order to deepen the construction of community culture, and to promote the spiritual and cultural life of the residents, the city has organized a rich and colorful theatrical performance. Liu Zhai village Uncle Lee told reporters "can be seen on TV the same as formal and solemn performances felt very happy at home, in the hope that such activities can we have more people." In legal publicity, Chengxi District Judicial Bureau staff told reporters, the Council established a legal advisory service center in Liu Zhai village, the purpose is to facilitate people’s knowledge of the law, let people better use the law to safeguard their own interests."

this event to service Village building, build a beautiful home round as the theme, to show the performance of the arts, publicity lectures for the masses to send greetings. At the same time, will also focus on the delivery of health, culture, science, law and policy, rural, community activities. It is understood that the West District in the region to establish a self culture and sports leisure area of more than 30, in 2013 in June and the establishment of a small area of the Saline Lake, such as the 6 places of leisure for the masses to send the most intimate service.



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