Pu Ning Zhizhu will be changed

Xining Pu Ning Zhizhu will usher in the renovation project. Repair works mainly on the Pu Ning Zhizhu landscape square, roads, pedestrian walking and retaining wall, pond and other comprehensive renovation and repair. This reporter learned yesterday from the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction.

It is reported that

, the square in front of the television tower and the tower square, in the foundation sink part adopts 5% cement stabilized soil digging replacement replacement, a total area of 4186 square meters; the free surface with cement compaction pile, the pile length of 3533 meters, a total of 867 square root; the surface layer is made of granite recovery, recovery of a total area of 5203 square meters.

retaining wall, the wall of the large murals using three high pressure jet grouting pile reinforcement, the high-pressure jet grouting pile of three total of 275 meters, 50. Demolition of other damaged retaining wall, the use of single pipe high-pressure jet grouting pile foundation reinforcement, according to the original structure of the reconstruction. Road and parking lot of Roadbed Using 28 lime fill, road surface according to the original road structure.

drainage project, in front of the tower square optimization of vertical design, increase the drainage slope with rain water, rainwater drainage pipe, rainwater outlet and drainage ditches and gullies were set at 8, concrete inspection wells 8, reinforced concrete rainwater outlet 4.

audited, the total project budget of 16 million 880 thousand yuan, the construction period is expected to be one year. (author: Li Yanfang)


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