The province has a new breakthrough in the reform of personnel system

evaluation of the special talents in the process of the foreign language, no longer as restrictive conditions, even because of the ability, performance and outstanding contribution and ignore the academic qualifications and titles; scientific research funds no longer use cards very strict, very fine, but on the basis of total control, by scientific research personnel to decide the use of the funds; reward gold extraction from the transformation of scientific research achievements of net income, make the main contribution of the team or individual can take more than 70%; encourage researchers to undergo entrepreneurship, part-time or entrepreneurial enterprises…… This year, the province’s talent development system reform in the title management, innovation and entrepreneurship incentives to achieve a new breakthrough.

reporter from the Provincial Personnel Office learned that the provincial Party committee recently issued a formal "Qinghai Province on deepening talent development system reform implementation opinions", the reform of talent flow, professional management, personnel evaluation and other aspects of the breakthrough, the maximum breaking the restrictive conditions of bondage talent innovation and entrepreneurship vitality in order to promote the flow of talent, stimulate the vitality of talent, create a "fertile soil". Among them, the talent evaluation and management of professional titles, our province will "test the water" to the University and Research Institute decentralization series, scientific research series high-level title appraisal right of higher education; reduce the pre conditions of personnel evaluation, the paper not as restrictive conditions for evaluation of applied talents, not to learn history, titles as a condition limit the evaluation of entrepreneurial and practical talents, not to foreign language and computer as the restrictive conditions of grass-roots talent evaluation.

in the talent introduction policy, our province will explore the establishment of ad hoc business unit management system, the introduction of outstanding, leading talents and talents urgently needed by the total and structural constraints, these people in the youth service period, can enjoy the "doctor" or "Easy Access" medical health service.

at the same time, in the preparation of management, our province will be innovative to meet the conditions of the two types of public institutions gradually implement the record management system, explore the establishment, not to increase the more the government procurement of services to support the development of other reform measures. In innovation and entrepreneurship incentive mechanism, the province will actively develop private officials to help the new R & D institutions, further decentralization of research funding management dominance. At the same time, the province to accelerate the decentralization of financial funds to support the formation of the use of scientific and technological achievements, disposal and usufruct, reward for scientific research personnel and is responsible for the important contribution of team and backbone technical personnel etc. the income ratio of not less than 70%. Encourage innovation in the exploration, our province will establish SAR personnel in Qinghai University, the establishment of district development test of entrepreneurial talent innovation based on the Qinghai national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, explore the establishment of fault-tolerant reform of talent development system exemption system.



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