Surprise Nanchuan river city core segment is expected to clear the people of Xining

Nanchuan river city core section (the liberation of aqueduct into the mouth of the water Huang) this year is expected to clear some. The reporter learned from the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, based on the implementation of intercepting sewer, closed along the quarry and other measures, a water flowing water into the Nanchuan river before the project started construction, and strive to complete the project by the end of October. With the development and large-scale river landscape upgrade, then will really show Nanchuan river clear water, shore green, smooth, beautiful appearance.

water turbidity for

In ancient times, Nanchuan River

once all the aquatic grass, there are swimming in this old kylin, known as "kylin River, Nanchuan river". Now is the center of the river Nanchuan river runs through the city, although the urban core section (the liberation of aqueduct into Huang mouth section) on both sides of skyscrapers, but the landscape is poor. This is mainly due to the urban core section of Nanchuan river water, water circulation, water temperature, water eutrophication and aquatic plants and algae are abundant in the riverbed, particularity, and belongs to the Nanchuan River Mountain River water turbidity and siltation serious harm to urban core environment.

in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government of Xining people a clear mother river, the municipal government launched a major project of water into the city of people’s livelihood. In July 2009, the world bank loan project, for our extension of governance on the Nanchuan River, the Nanchuan river aqueduct bridge to Xie Zhai liberation 10 km governance. Nanchuan river city core section of the implementation of the renovation project, is also an important part of water into the city project.

from Nanchuan reservoir diversion

The implementation of

water into the river, the purpose is to change the urban core section (Nanchuan river aqueduct into the mouth to liberation Huang section) and water cycle to achieve landscape water quality, make it revitalized. According to the plan, the diversion site is Nanchuan reservoir, the water through the water diversion project and about more than and 20 km long pipeline into the Nanchuan river aqueduct in the river section of liberation, the muddy water drainage culvert into the downstream from the right. It is understood that the large Nanchuan reservoir water quality, water into the Nanchuan River, the water quality can reach three.

to create a hydrophilic landscape

water diversion project will be built from the quality and quantity of water for the river landscape upgrading to provide protection. To let the Nanchuan River showing clear and coastal green, smooth, beautiful appearance, the city water department also played a combination of boxing group to improve the landscape.

next plans to create a hydrophilic landscape from several aspects: to carry out a comprehensive transformation of the existing anti flood wall and other facilities, mainly focus on the humanities landscape construction, through various forms of construction on both sides of the river pedestrian path along the cliff, platform, so that people can swim, and water close; upgrade to two shore embankment greening, landscape comprehensive archives overall, even with the center square, near the city of kylin Park, build the core landscape area, building reflects the local history and culture, customs and landscape construction etc..


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