Shop is also a knowledge of entrepreneurship

shop, is the beginning of a lot of successful people, but it will be a lot of people began the nightmare, why? That is because they lack some entrepreneurial way of business, how to shop, in fact, is not a small knowledge.

1, the target user is not clear

you can of course with you for different types of users to create products. We’ve done this before. The problem is, you have to realize that you’re in a dangerous place. It’s like you’re flying through the instrument: your own instincts won’t help. So you must be careful with every step of the way, and always check your meter.

2, overhead is too large, there is no control

now those siopao are spending much less than before. Entrepreneurs seem to have learned a lesson; plus, entrepreneurship is getting cheaper. So at the time of this writing, I have found several start-ups in burn. None of the companies we invest in.

3, too stick to their own ideas


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