Open a small dumpling can day fetched 5000 yuan

dumplings as China’s traditional food has been well received by the people, for entrepreneurs to open a dumpling shop is also a good small entrepreneurial projects, then how to invest in dumplings fast food restaurant? For ordinary people, the dumpling is a traditional food, especially northerners favorite, so dumplings all over on both sides of the Changjiang River caused a lot of business opportunities.

20 years ago, Huang Xiuying little of the so-called dumplings culture known in cramped more than and 20 square meters of dumplings, her creed only three points: dumplings incense, store hygiene, sincere service. In order to do this in three, she firmly adhere to the "revisionist" — has absorbed over, immediately improve the shortcomings.

80 at the end of the Changan is a very small town, people’s health concept is weak. In a messy environment, thin skin dumplings more than and 20 square meters is a heterogeneous. It is no exaggeration to say that it was much better than many of the big restaurants. 9 shops usually closed at night, but by Saturday, usually less than seven points on the closing. Do what? Comprehensive cleaning.


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