Ningxia to encourage scientific research personnel in Colleges and universities retain preparation d

is currently in all walks of life to carry out public entrepreneurship peoples innovation activities, of which the most rapid development and most remarkable when the number of science and technology. The release of technical personnel to maximize entrepreneurial strength, to encourage scientific research personnel in Colleges and universities from entrepreneurship has become a solution.

"notice" clearly, post entrepreneurs enjoy eight benefits: the original unit retains its personnel relationship and work preparation; the calculation of the number of years; basic salary (salary and wages); post business personnel except by administrative punishment, administrative penalties, criminal penalties and other conditions, as the annual assessment examination the original units issued by the appraisal opinions and for the promotion of normal wages; social insurance, occupation pension, housing provident fund units pay part and included in the civil service Medicaid experts civil servants medical subsidies paid by the original unit, the base pay in accordance with the regional unified provisions, individual contributions from the original unit withholding.

does poineering work from pioneer period, the original units and other staff equal in professional titles, post rank promotion rights; accidents, by the original unit in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" of industrial injury insurance is responsible for the enterprise or business unit, with business personnel due to illness or leave; because of death, the original the unit for pensions and funeral expenses and other relevant formalities according to the relevant provisions.

the expiration of 30 days does not venture back to the original unit firing

does poineering work from pioneer period, in the original unit intends to revoke the merger, restructuring and reform, the original unit shall notify the staff to participate in the reform does poineering work from early return. If you meet the conditions and still want to continue to undergo entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and new units undergo renewal agreement; if you do not want to continue business, return the new unit of work; if I don’t want to return, according to the provisions of termination (termination) personnel recommended


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