Pet hospital investment success stories

now many families have pets, lovely pets always make people feel good, but also to the relevant industry development is very good, the pet hospital is so, for many families, pets as their loved ones, have a very important position. Pet sick, as the owner will be anxious to get angry, as long as it is able to treat their disease, but also very willing to spend money. Here is a pet hospital investment success stories to share, take a look at it!

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Name: Beijing Jingguan animal hospital

boss: Jia Hongju

opening hours: early 1999

mode of operation:

background: Jia Hongju in front of the pet hospital to do international freight business, especially like animals, especially dogs. One day in 1998, Mr. Jia beloved dog is hospitalized, take medicine and injections spent hundreds, the dog is good, but Mr. Jia can be startled at, turned to see a sick dog costs as much as people ah, Mr. Jia think Unlimited Business Opportunities, then decided to open a pet hospital.

business area: 80 square meters site 160 square meters (location) location: Panjiayuan North Building in the initial capital investment: 200 thousand yuan

recover investment time: 2 years or so

in addition to being a boss, Jia Hongju is still a small animal protection association, the investment pet hospital in addition to think it is a sunrise industry, more important is a love for small animals.

was driving the pet hospital approval procedures strictly, only about 10 pet hospitals has made Industrial and Commercial Bureau, agriculture bureau and Public Security Bureau issued the license, " al " is one of them. From the site, decoration, from the photo, acceptance, purchase of equipment, purchase of goods, personnel recruitment to the full use of mr.. At the beginning of 1999 " " al Animal Hospital; finally in North Panjiayuan residential buildings in a house of 80 square metres, was born.

financial statements: capital investment has focused on

investment in the pet hospital, rent, wages, equipment, drugs is the main cost of a few blocks. " Al " initial investment of 200 thousand yuan, 2 years to the rent, about 1 / 3. Due to " " had earlier, Al; therefore, the initial investment 200 thousand yuan for now, there is fear of lack, according to Jia Hongju analysis now opened a 150 square meters of pet medicine recommended


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