Entrepreneurial book sales increased for the five year peak

double Chinese activities to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, see it from selling books to entrepreneurship. Over the past two years, concerned about the purchase of books related to the growing number of businesses, we can witness the growth of the creative team.

into the Wuhan Xinhua Bookstore, Mandarin Bookstore entity bookstore, can see the printed word books business to occupy an important position. In the Amazon Bookstore, in the book category input venture, then there are more than 4000 books, while in Dangdang, this figure reached nearly thirty thousand.

in Amazon’s 2015 annual book sales charts, teaching business "from 0 to 1" in the year fifth, the sales of millions of books publishing industry has become a phenomenal product. According to reports, compared with previous years, focus on entrepreneurship, economic management books accounted for more than five years in the highest total book category sales, from fifth in the annual list of "1" from 0 to forty-second, to a "difficult", these two books are not only 2015 new books published, subject from 2015 the business boom echoes.

"from 0 to 1" from the well-known Silicon Valley investor Peter · Till in 2012; a Stanford University professor of entrepreneurship courses, its core content is: Interpretation of Internet subversive innovation, describes how to create innovative companies. "Difficult" is the author of · Horowitz is an angel investor in Silicon Valley, he sold the company for $1 billion 600 million from the start empty-handed high success, his experience is a textbook.

"laying a foundation book just for entrepreneurs, and not as a business rule or book, but reading is always harvest", a publishing industry believes that the role of business books mainly is make up of common sense knowledge entrepreneurs, from past experience, learn from failures, avoid predecessors are detours.

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