Details of the impact of the store business services

many times, the reason why the two shops will have a very big difference, often reflected in some of the details above. There are several supermarkets in the street where my shop is located. Among them, A, B two adjacent to the supermarket, business is totally different: A shop business is booming, B shop business desolate.

I carefully observed that the two species of goods and basic quality almost. So why is there such a big difference in business?

The original

, A shop without affecting the traffic at the door, set up a small shed, put on a table and chairs for customers to sit to rest, hot days are cold tea, hot water, let the customer in the store at home. The owner of the heart of the guests, the guests would like to think, naturally attract a large number of customers. The B shop in front of the bald, under the scorching sun, the cold wind, who would like to patronize?

C D, two daily shop door, C shop owner is an old man, D shop owner is a middle-aged woman, is also a big difference in the two business. Recently, I also carefully observed for a while and found that there are significant differences in the way of operation. Take the toothpaste and soap for example. Now there are manufacturers in order to promote sales, often a few boxes of toothpaste or a few bars tied to the sale, the price is cheaper than a single sale. The old man C shop is in accordance with the bundled sales, unshakable. D sister is more flexible, the part of open sales, each box or each should stand to cheaper prices than the original retail price, so sales quickly.

In fact,

, shopping, some customers like to buy a bundle of convenience, but also because some customers do not want to buy more than once. D shop is sister Qiao seize the customer psychology, for the sake of the guests, to adopt a flexible sales strategy, so as to win business opportunities. The C shop uncle only figure their own convenience, naturally lost money. It can be speculated that the two people to sell other goods must be different.

In fact,

, is the difference in some of the details above, but it allows consumers to get a different experience, so that the store’s business is very different. The Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu’s "Chun Yexi rain" wrote: "good to know the rain season, when the spring is. The wind sneaked into the night, moisten things silently." In fact, our service should also be like spring rain, with small, fine, nourishing the heart of soundless and stirless won the favor of customers. So, will be able to usher in more business opportunities.


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