Shanxi Provincial Department of finance to provide 1 billion 700 million funds to protect employment

even if it is not a business person, asked about the most difficult place to start a business, 80% of people will say that funding problems. Many small and micro enterprises because they can not get financing and business bottlenecks encountered, leading to entrepreneurial failure. To this end, the government to provide support in terms of capital is particularly important.

11 2, from the Shanxi Provincial Department of finance news, to implement the State Council and the provincial government to further improve the implementation of the views of the employment work under the new situation, the provincial finance continue to increase capital investment, actively carry out the employment security funds, to support the implementation of the central and provincial policies introduced to promote employment and entrepreneurship.

data show that since this year the provincial government has issued 1 billion 700 million yuan of funds to support efforts to promote employment and entrepreneurship increased throughout the province in 2015 to complete the work, employment objectives and tasks set by the provincial government.

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