What are the risks of food and beverage industry investment

introduction: Food and beverage industry because of its broad prospects, high demand, high profit and widely recognized by investors, has become the most popular investment industry. Investment risk, choose to be vigilant, the catering industry is a sunrise investment direction, but also there are some unavoidable risks, as catering entrepreneurs and to discern these risks, so as to avoid detours.


tangible risk refers to the risk and the degree of loss caused by the operator’s intuitive feeling and experience. Tangible risk is also known as the "hard" risk, such as lack of funds, or other raw materials prices, food price losses and food is not popular, outdated equipment etc.. This risk is obvious, and the value of the loss can be calculated. If the food and beverage enterprises to strengthen market research and operational risk management, to take appropriate measures or cooperation with professional food and beverage institutions, you can prevent or reduce the loss of this physical risk.


catering intangible risk refers to the operator is difficult to rely on intuitive feelings and experience to judge, it is not easy to assess the current value of the risk of loss. The invisible risk is also known as "soft risk", as a result of poor quality of service caused by the image of catering enterprises decreased, due to low operating food quality and consumer confidence crisis caused by customer dissatisfaction due to false propaganda or boring and rebellious, because of the internal management of catering enterprises caused by relaxation and low labor efficiency, divided in public opinion and catering enterprises the risk of loss of the blind. Food business operators must attach great importance to the invisible risk, often to danger, keep a clear mind.

time of the catering industry risk


refers to the risk caused by the time difference to catering business. There are many reasons for the risk of time, such as the impact of seasonal changes on the food and beverage consumption, the market life cycle of the product, the change of consumer’s time, and the time difference of the competition in the business activities. Time to prevent the risk of the catering industry, must set up the concept of time, always observe the influence analysis of the change and development of things in motion time trend may bring to the catering business, try to eliminate the risk of time interference and damage to the catering enterprises to achieve business objectives, accurately grasp the opportunity, to ensure the normal operation of catering business.



refers to the food and beverage enterprises to achieve business objectives in the process, due to the impact of spatial factors caused by the risk. The cause of space is also the risk of many aspects, such as catering enterprises location and environment factors, around the market supply and demand change, regional history or tradition or custom or cultural differences, across the population distribution and resource conditions etc..


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