What are the methods to improve the conversion rate of Taobao


into the shop, but no one to buy, so the conversion rate is very low, as the owner, naturally need to improve the conversion rate of the store. So, how to improve the conversion rate of Taobao? First, let’s get to know the term. Taobao conversion rate definition: Taobao conversion rate, that is, all the arrival of Taobao shops and the number of people who buy behavior and the number of people who arrive at your store.

The method of improving the conversion rate of by

1, the overall renovation of the store

A shop recruit. Shop strokes are mainly used to display positioning. Positioning clear, will increase the number of repeat customers or collections. Pave the way for future transformation.

B shop product categories. Classification to clearly tell the user what is this series of products. In order to attract users to continue to watch, and thus into the purchase behavior.

2, promotional activities with

promotion area is a very good display area, many experienced sellers with prominent in the design of exhaust all the skills to recommend related products, to retain users, according to statistics on Taobao play some good sellers, they can go to the shops to buy conversion rate to 10% and higher. First of all, the recommended products in the promotion area must be hot selling products, the size of the product is also relatively conspicuous, shooting and design point of view to show the fine.

second to reflect the heat of this product, for example, how many pieces of crazy to sell, and so on and so on the magazine recommended by the relevant information is recognized, the user’s herd mentality will make the user carefully browse down. Again is to be suitable for the preferential information reflected, the user needs direct information stimulation, the current situation of online shopping is even more so, such as the number of discount, etc..

3, baby show skills

put all the details of the baby’s big picture are placed under the baby, and the introduction of the relevant materials, the purchase information is written in great detail, the more real the more information the user as soon as possible to determine the purchase.

4, promote browsing users to buy


sellers must want to attract users to browse the product, for the steady growth of traffic and sales to lay the foundation for the future. First, let these users have a deep impression of what you are focusing on. Second, let the user take the initiative to remember you, for example, to collect your product or take your baby. Third is to have a channel for users to effectively find you.

users want to buy your product three months later


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