Restaurant business which errors

restaurant business is better, many white-collar workers need to go to the restaurant to solve the problem of dining, so the restaurant business is generally better. However, we often find that there are many errors in the restaurant business process, in the end what are the errors affect the restaurant business? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

1, seize the opportunity, missed opportunity

investment restaurant must seize the opportunity, after the village did not shop. Have a friend in a station at a cheap price to rent a nearly two hundred square meters of the restaurant, a lobby lounge four, Chinese fast food with casserole, very suitable for passenger dining, business is good. A year after she changed the chef, tastes changed, the customer is less. The friend is unknown, afraid of losing money, blindly transfer the restaurant, another rented a small restaurant. Soon the casserole in Daxing, he wanted to be a big fight, but due to the small shop, a small horse drawn carts. Look at the station can not be the restaurant management is very prosperous, regret.

2, ride, hukouduoshi

open restaurant taboo lively, easy to encounter competitors. It was seen in the shops on the street to open a restaurant quite prosperous, but also to join the fun opened a restaurant, the results were less than a month before the start of the landslide, until the collapse. After he realized that in the bustling street restaurant is good, but there have been a lot of old restaurant, customers are acquaintances, another is hukouduoshi. No special advantages, can put people’s acquaintance to pull over? There is not on the station, traffic can be maintained for a while, so do not blindly open a restaurant location, must inspect the location before may have a guarantee of success.

3, wrong assessment situation, blindly seeking high

in the restaurant business mistakes, blind shop is common. A friend opened a grade of the restaurant in a market nearby, plus 8 Hot pot buffet, lounge with Cara OK, monthly rent of 6000 yuan. He made a sum of money and wanted to make a big profit. Unexpectedly, a year after the market moved, nearby residents are working class, of which there are many laid-off workers, there are a few can enter the grade of the restaurant? The result not only did not make a big, but lost a pass, almost bankrupt.

4, operating dull, do not know

for a variety of restaurants operating errors, it is best not to invest in unfamiliar dining. A friend opened a mid-range restaurant, but after more than a year, on the landslide. He had a package, no matter who came to this set. Want to join friends to his shop to treat, it is the same old stuff down several times, price and quality are not attractive, will never come. Fewer and fewer repeat customers, and finally failed.


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