Several people on the shop front is recommended

for many people start – up, how to take the name has become very critical, and is also a very difficult thing, to his shop for a proper name is a very important thing for people.

missing below four characters and a line of small print: each piece of clothing are looking for master. Can’t stop smiling. Between the indifferent smile, always think of that period of time in the university. At that time, a corner of the campus, there is also a blackboard, covered with a variety of reasons, the most is lost. Talented students, or poetry or painting or serious or humorous, the notice made fun, for the colorful campus life adds a scene.

– store clothing and clothing soliciting business belt. If you don’t see it, your imagination will certainly not be linked to a war in the country and dress up, and contact so clever.

– male union shop men’s underwear. With "clothing soliciting" is not a sister chain?


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