Xiao Bian to help you analyze how to choose the location of car beauty shop

with the development of the economy, the car into the thousands of cities and towns, into the tens of thousands of households, in people’s daily life plays an important role, which brings great business opportunities for the automotive beauty industry. But how to choose the location of car beauty shop? This is a lot of early into the car beauty shop who are plagued by the problem, the following points can be helpful to everyone.

core values is the shop shop recently, customers in the areas of greatest density, it accounts for about 45%-60% of the total number of customers. In general, the core area of automotive beauty radius of 4KM, due to the majority of customers to drive their own, the scope of the core business will be more extensive.

The peripheral

Analysis of

We should analyze the following elements of

car beauty shop

1, vehicle traffic by vehicle type and type.

2, pedestrian traffic by number and type. Busy, busy degree can be judged the location.

3: the number of parking spaces, parking facilities, shops easily, flow direction and location location location, open street railings.

4, the store group: the same industry or with the number and size of the shop, shop distance, store compatibility.

5, a specific location: Shop visibility, shape, size and characteristics of construction site, shop strokes range of radiation shape and perspective.

6, shop conditions: lease conditions, operating costs, taxes, regional planning and regional regulations.


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