Jiangmen city to build overseas Chinese entrepreneurial innovation cluster

in a period like this, public business has become so common, all at the same time, to create a good social environment in a positive way, in the high-tech zone of Jiangmen city planning established overseas dream garden".

easy strong said the city is studying the introduction of the "Jiangmen overseas Chinese city construction work program", to further develop overseas resources advantage, docking of our city "Zhu Xi action" and small and micro management of development opportunity, vigorously support the National High-tech Zone in Jiangmen to play its core location superiority, to declare its overseas Chinese Affairs Office of overseas dream yuan, through the introduction of overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship and innovation projects, focusing on creating Chinese entrepreneurial innovation cluster. He pointed out that the city is still at the initial stage in the development and application of data platform, and there are quite a broad space for development, welcome overseas high-level talents and technical team in our city, to seize the number of grain industry development opportunities.

In fact, the


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