By collision of ideas DELL venture 5 recommendations

for a lot of friends who have entrepreneurial ideas, a lot of people look at the success of entrepreneurial experience, or very helpful. It’s not every day you can in eilon Musker and Michael · · get a front row seat for DELL in the dialogue, this is almost never happen in the real world. Before

1, a talented team will eventually solve the problem. Science and technology can do many wonderful things for society and culture. It is true that technology has made some aspects of business popular, but also to break the barriers for young entrepreneurs, but it is still people-oriented.

2, continue to ask yourself, why not look at innovation and brewing innovation in it?. The most interesting conversation in a scene when Patrick asked Maske in Kirk: "did you feel when watching other people they just need to work harder on the line?"

3, please and take care of your customers. The extreme wisdom (which I would avoid to say "ego") and the collapse of passionate entrepreneurs are usually due to the fact that they forget that they are unable to produce or sell anything.


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