Barbecue shop was halted due to the vulgar

now many shopkeepers blindly thinking about innovation, leading to some names very vulgar, allowing the public to accept, after some reported there may be halted. Therefore, if we want to do a long-term business, want to let the shop business has been prosperous, in the shop name above need to pay attention to. Here, Xiaobian introduce a barbecue shop was stopped because of the name vulgar and the case, hoping to give the majority of operators in a reference.

Qigihar, a barbecue restaurant was named "chicken / grilled shrimp". Members of the public reflect that this hotel has opened for some time, the restaurant to operate the main barbecue, just opened when the business is very good, a lot of curious people will rush to the restaurant name to the restaurant.

however, in the report from the masses, the local business sector has been identified as the name of the restaurant plaque is too vulgar, and will stop.

comments: in order to get a good name on the shop, and now is indeed a lot of the owner spent a lot of effort. But more than this "chicken / grilled shrimp", the name to creative is not wrong, but the idea should be established under the laws and regulations of the allowable range, can not be too vulgar. Now the shop owners in the shop when you want to break the head to think a good think since the shop name, in fact, when choosing a name, just around the basic point, is to hold according to their principal business name, on the basis of morality that you can get a good shop name.


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