Tens of thousands of dollars to do poineering work to invest in these small projects

only a few million on hand, you can start it? Do you have any good projects? Tens of thousands of dollars to do poineering work? Today Xiaobian for you to recommend a few good suction gold project, the low cost of investment in these projects, a few million will be able to easily shop, quickly look at it.


General after formal training, only half a month’s time to master this technology, tuition is only 2000 yuan. You are ready to 2-3 million in start-up capital plus, including a dry hand care, nail sticker, color ink-jet printing, hand-painted patterns and other business projects Manicure center will be able to successfully build up. 1) the initial one-time investment of equipment (phototherapy machine, drying machine, hand basin, etc.) about 1200 yuan; 2) monthly expenses: 1000 yuan Manicure materials; 3) rent: several thousand yuan to 10000 yuan; 4): according to the general performance of flexible artificial percentage; 5) monthly income: Net income. Million yuan.


if not more funds on you, you might consider a Manicure shop, or open a yoga hall, only need to spend a small amount of money you can easily shop. Tens of thousands of dollars to do poineering work? In addition to open shop, Manicure yoga hall, you can also consider opening a snack shop, is very suitable.



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