Why open the steamed stuffed bun shop on the election of the old Tang Bao

As we all know,

has a small head on the bun in the big family guy is very popular, eat a hundred tire, it is soup. For small business investors to join in a soup shop is a good choice. Soup is now a common snack, but this demand is very large, many have seen the opportunities, the choice of brands, do not know what a good choice? Old Bu Jia soup is a good choice.

Why choose

baozi Inn Old Bu Jia soup? The main reasons are as follows: three

a, join low cost:

steamed to join the brand is numerous, but most of the franchise headquarters charge high initial fee, deposit and annual management fees, not to impart to the franchisee core technology, get a lot of profit from seasoning packets provide long-term for the franchisee in the franchisees have long been subject to join headquarters, increase the difficulty for the development of franchise start taking, investment is very high, so many small entrepreneurs flinch.

Since the beginning of the development goals and long-term planning of the old

Bu Jia soup training center since the establishment, has been committed to small investors provide a no risk, high return business platform, so the old home to the soup has been implemented, no initial fee, deposit and annual management fee, and the church to join the core do not control the core technology, raw materials, so the old Bu Jia soup is also well received by the community, the Tianjin municipal government has repeatedly been named to promote small and micro business contract model of enterprise and Tianjin excellent enterprise integrity and the title of honor. Is the gospel of many small entrepreneurs.

two, huge profits:

according to the current market situation, a bun cost about 4 cents, and now the price of steamed stuffed bun basically in 1 yuan, the special places and locations may be even higher, also is a bun we can earn 6 cents; on the other hand the bun is three meals a day can we sell food, for example we sold 200 buns per meal a day, then we can sell 600 buns, counted out this profit is considerable, and if it is good, far more than this number, so baozi inn investment is small, but the profit is indeed great.

three, free learning:

The processing technology of

company will continue to develop more innovative buns, rich fillings, and improved better baking technology, every year the company will develop to two classic varieties (graduate students can learn for free), and in the shop, business, management and other aspects of innovation, progress and perfection.


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