Hangzhou delegation to consider the government work report to promote the development of innovation

for entrepreneurs, innovation and entrepreneurship is an important node for their development, in the new economic background, who can grasp the opportunity for innovation, who can go further on the road of entrepreneurship.

24 PM, in Hangzhou in favor of the hotel room on the third floor, the Hangzhou delegation is considering government work report. A bottle of natural mineral water, designed to attract a lot of attention of the provincial people’s Congress, also sparked a hot debate on entrepreneurial innovation.


small bottle to the innovative design of a bottle of water, large bearing many entrepreneurs dream of "feature of the town construction, in the territory of Zhejiang entrepreneurial innovation on the former Walker’s footsteps never stop.

mentioned in the government work report, adhere to the enterprises as the main body, talent as a fundamental, speeding up the planning and construction of Hangzhou Branch West corridor…… Giving full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation. "The construction of the Hangzhou West Branch corridor" and other words, let the representatives of the Hangzhou delegation of Hangzhou with confidence and the prospect of Zhejiang.

"in the new economic background, Hangzhou Zhejiang should become a benchmark, carry the banner of innovation entrepreneurship Chinese." The provincial people’s Congress, Alibaba group chief technology officer Wang Jian, point out Hangzhou in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship on the road two advantages, on the one hand, the government attaches great importance to build business innovation platform, on the other hand, Zhejiang’s private economy developed, and entrepreneurial innovation enterprise combination."

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