nterpretation of double 11 keywords – O2O

this year, double 11 key words will undoubtedly be O2O. O2O set up a bridge from the real economy to the virtual economy, many traditional industries in contact with the O2O model has changed their business model, so that China’s enterprise development and the Internet closely together.

O2O, is undoubtedly one of the most important fire in the 2015 business circle. This year, double 11, O2O become the focus of enterprise competition.

as Ali and Suning cooperation after the "double 11" debut, both the "channel" O2O rose to the strategic level. Jingdong is backed by a strong flow of Tencent, the two sides launched an alliance of Beijing Teng plan".

"full channel, this is Ali" double 11 "one of the highlights." Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong in front of the double 11 launch ceremony, said Ali and intime, Suning nearly one hundred thousand lines under the store to carry out in-depth cooperation.


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