Disabled girl Wuhan entrepreneurial career electricity supplier career mentor

many people find it difficult to start a business, but how can it be difficult to have high returns. A disabled girl 19 years old start empty-handed business, eventually operating out of their career, the achievement level of tens of millions of annual turnover. She beat the hard won the return.

sweet smile, a word, if not carry on crutches, it is hard to imagine the lively and cheerful Huang Yinhua is a disabled. She is 19 years old on crutches alone from Wuhan, started to put the tailor stalls, clothing store, bookstore, to open shop and become disabled Alibaba sales champion…… Today, Huang Yinhua online and offline sales of nearly ten million yuan.

dance dream extinguished disease

the crutches alone break in Wuhan

"when I was young, I like singing and dancing, the biggest dream is to be a dancer." Huang Yinhua said, but it didn’t work out, in 1987, only 13 years old, she was diagnosed with hematogenous osteomyelitis, paralyzed in a lie is 6 years. Parents took her to find a lot of the hospital, still unable to cure her life from a wheelchair and crutches.

in order not to let parents worry about, Huang Yinhua’s 1993 alone came from his hometown in Ezhou, Wuhan, in order to survive, she worked as a tailor, had the house, but also opened a bar…… "I’ve done everything I can." Hubei woman and vigorous character in Huang Yinhua body doubt.

founded occupation training school

more disabled employment guidance

2015, Huang Yinhua investment in electronic business incubator to build 10 thousand square meters near the WuHan Railway Station, recommended


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