want to divorce his wife by her husband cut nose repeatedly suffered domestic violence

in China’s marriage, the woman is usually in a weak position. A woman was husband of domestic violence to divorce, even being cruel husband with a fruit knife cut nose, causing serious injuries. At present, the case is in court.

said a i.once, in the sea, there is a man, even with a fruit knife cut off his wife’s nose, and smoothly into the toilet. Recently, the people’s Court of the people’s court in the case of intentional injury.

shortly after the two disputes, irrational Lin comes out a fruit knife, cut off his wife’s nose, he threw him into the toilet and smoke, see Lin Yang pain, bleeding is very afraid, will take the initiative to alarm, and the villagers together to Yang rushed to the hospital.

identified, Yang nose missing more than thirty percent, which injured two injured, the court, Lin for their behavior is very regret, asking the court to a lighter punishment, at present, in the trial of the case, the court scheduled for sentencing.

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