Brand underwear chain store inventory management recommendations

brand underwear chain operators how to manage inventory? As a lingerie store operator, you certainly need to learn the knowledge of supply management. If you are not clear about the basic situation of the goods in the shop, how to provide consumers with accurate service? Therefore, the importance of this aspect can not be ignored, and quickly came to see the small series.

1, a good storage environment: ensure that there is no direct sunlight brand underwear chain store in the warehouse; good ventilation; no pests, rodents; keep the warehouse environment clean and tidy.

2, carry convenient: inventory is to service sales, so the first principle of inventory management is convenient, must be in the salesperson can can get the goods placed with the goods for some time. (can generally use the display cabinet of the goods box to do a good place to sell goods)

1, for the sales statistics, the brand underwear store customer consumption habits and make analysis, understand the most frequented guests of different styles, sizes, color preferences, purchase do;

2, assistant to strengthen sales skills training, do the salesperson in the premise of respect for the guests, according to the characteristics of goods to find the appropriate customer consumption, rather than allow customers to choose goods according to personal preference;

goods backlog digest

1, the use of major festivals low price promotions: New Year’s day, 38, may day, the traditional festival of the top ten, the use of the four major festivals will be able to deal with the backlog of goods in most of the backlog of goods;

2, the backlog of goods sale: brand underwear chain can be regular or temporary. Lower prices to attract popularity, will lead to other goods brand underwear chain store sales, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

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