Mainly look at the temperament of the current service personnel temperament should be like this

shortly before the madness of the popular WeChat such a phrase, the main look at the temperament of the current service staff temperament, we should pay attention to what? What qualities should be achieved? Let’s share it.


1. staff in the post should be full of spirit and natural expression, with a smile.

2. should be calm tone, tone cordial, not exaggerated.

3. eyes should be God, showing enthusiasm, courtesy, friendly, sincere.

4. failing to calm and generous, be neither humble nor pushy.

5. and visitors when talking, the eyes should be natural head, should not be over the visitors.

instrument – clothing

1.  all staff of the hotel in accordance with the provisions of uniform uniforms, and dressed neatly.

2.  uniforms should be appropriately neatly, should not wrinkle, damage, stains, collar, cuffs, trousers to keep clean, should not arm or leg.

3.  wearing uniforms, buttons should be complete, no loose, must buckle hook and eye.

4.  the plates to be worn on the upper left chest coat, in parallel with the second button; not covered buckle flower or tilt.

5.  in the non working area without a hat, hat should be in the same place neatly placed, or a hat in his left hand, top up.

6.  should not be worn on clothing with the provisions of the inconsistent jewelry, such as key chain, small ornaments, etc..

7.  in addition to the uniform with a belt, all black belt.

8.  male employees with dark socks, socks should not have holes or foot, should be washed every day.

9.  shoes should be kept clean, no deformation, no damage, no stains, dust; leather shoes to be cleaned every day to maintain gloss, shoelaces to be tied, not to drag on the ground.

– type instrument

1.  should keep hair clean and tidy, no dandruff, dandruff, dry hair should be smooth and soft, shiny.

2.  uniform color, hair and hair tail does not appear two color, not the natural color of the hair dyed black color.

3.  standard: open to male employees hair Qi, and shall not leave large sideburns, do not cover amount, before the side cover, no cover after ear collar.


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