Security exam Tsinghua University Security rub class admitted to the university entrance exam will c

Security University Tsinghua university self-study security auditing classes will continue to graduate 24, a "Tsinghua library security" Ceng class "self  "; he entered the Shandong Normal University news detonated network, the major portals have reached thousands of comments. The reporter contacted the security jiazuosheng originally learned, admitted to the university after he resigned to go home. Shandong Normal University has also confirmed that jiazuosheng was admitted to the school of mathematics and applied mathematics professional mountain college.
the news, jiazuosheng was originally Wen’an Beijing Security Service Corporation branch in Tsinghua University security guards, 27 years old, from Shandong Heze rural areas. After graduating from high school because of family economy and other reasons, failed to continue to study. To work a few years later, the college entrance examination in 2011, admitted to the Shandong Normal University.



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