Startups should learn the way to blow up

in the early stages of the business, the product marketing is very important, because it will be related to the sustainable development of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should learn some of the blasting marketing methods, such marketing can bring good benefits for the enterprise. Let’s take a look at it!

A: blasting marketing concept

two blasting:  



Chinese in planning circles, there is a fake foreign devil, studying western brand theory, meet customers advocate: you must do the brand, then lists a lot of international brands, using the theory of worker’s endorsement of closely reasoned and well argued, professional advantage, passion and sensational plus, customers will be fooled and end customer enthusiasm do you want to say, the brand for 5 years does not make money, but you will definitely earn lots of money. This is a set of lies. If you do not make money within 5 years, then certainly not earn money after 5 years, because the company has no ability to make money. Moreover, in less than 5 years, the enterprise is finished, except for state-owned enterprises.

three blasting: integrated marketing


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