Jiangmen overseas dream court to achieve the dream of overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs

Jiangmen is located in one of the fastest growing provinces in China, Guangdong, Guangdong has attracted a lot of overseas Chinese investment and entrepreneurship. Jiangmen to create a new dream of overseas Chinese garden, a new engine to promote economic development in Jiangmen.

What is the

here, will become the first choice, a new generation of overseas Chinese returned overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship and innovation entrepreneurship and innovation are.

Party members,


Jiangmen unique "DNA"

"China QiaoDu" advantage by exchanging   the overseas dream garden, the world radiation impact at home and abroad

"city construction, cultural and other aspects, cannot do without" overseas Chinese "this place gene." Mayor Deng Weigen has expressed the status of overseas Chinese in Jiangmen urban construction. "Overseas", is the embodiment of Jiangmen personality, but also the city’s "DNA".


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