How to open a fruit shop

how to open a fruit shop? This is a problem for each person who is ready to open the fruit store should be considered, you have to open a fruit shop to understand some of the knowledge, the following questions and answers, we can refer to learn some fruit shop experience.


(1) fruit shop customers are mostly around the residential or passers-by



is actually a greengrocer, with residential customers as the target customer base is relatively good, because they have a regular life and monthly income, have fixed fruit expenses, and the man is hard to say, for example, many passers-by are here to work or go somewhere in the channel, and this type of relative consumption is low, as long as you good residents of the area around the 1500-2000 family is very good



(2) fruit supermarket in addition to rent also need to invest much money, said that as the fruit store inside that can print bar code, about more than money, there are shelves need more money, find what process?

store decoration about money?


According to

now I want to shop, in addition to rent, also need a set of electronic, computer (Web users because of the surrounding fruit), and shelf, also need a refrigeration equipment, the decoration is 2000-3000 yuan can, without decoration is good, simple, like a garden like to do is the original, very simple! How much is due to the specific region is different, this is difficult to estimate.


to run a fruit shop, in the competition highlighted in the competition, it is necessary to do a feature, different from other fruit shop. The following experience for everyone to learn from:


1, to understand the nutritional value and medical value of a variety of fruits, printed data, distributed to customers.


2, understand the market situation, the fruit shop in the farmers market, or near.


3, from the trade and Industry Bureau, for the formalities.


4, do not just think boss addiction, his boss and workers, starting from the couple stores, relatives shop.


5, subscribe to a local tabloid, understand market trends and customer needs.


6, contact fixed purchase channels.


7, the decoration of the fruit shop should be simple and generous, so that a customer to understand, but pay attention to the discharge of fruit and color matching, but the decoration cost must be controlled, not too high;


8, the best choice of fruit shop in the vicinity of the hospital or district, which is the best location. If you have enough money, you can also consider the market


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