Analysis of investment and management of summer special store

different seasons need products is different, in the summer a lot of little things need too much, also let many people feel that the opportunities exist, the range of activities covered in summer is wide, sandals, sandals, jewelry, bags, sunshade, perfume etc. which are covered. Open a small shop, you can sell these diverse products, more profitable channels. So, summer supplies store how to open? What is the way of business? Here’s a real case.

store image

collocation tactics

Guo is a summer supplies store owner, walked into the store, Ms. Guo, a cool head rushed to the body fatigue will disappear without a trace. I saw the little shop dress hanging very personality, or cute or simple hat, fashionable sunglasses riotous with colour, sandals, sandals, fashion colors dazzling jewelry, bags, transparent stockings, cool water pillow. Look at the reporter to feel that, a happy heart, too good, I want to buy these things all in this together, never under the scorching sun, with a dry mouth and a shop a shop to run.


said the store is now a very good business, the future will be better. Because the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the demand for these things will be more and more big. "And I have a relatively complete range of goods here, customers generally buy from me, I will not go to other places to turn, save time and effort."

business road

targeting young women

Guo said that the operation of such a small shop is actually nothing difficult, she accumulated some experience in the process of operating.

first of all, such a small store location is not necessarily very prosperous place. "Almost on the line, so that the rent can be reduced." Ms. Guo opened a lot of shops before is not very good, but the business is also quite good, after all, she saved a lot of rent.

of course, if you have plenty of capital, shop the election will be better in the downtown area. Now Ms. Guo shop in the mountain road in prime locations, there are many universities around, there should be a lot of traffic and ensure lobbyists, women’s clothing store shopping generally choose centralized clothing city and Commercial Street, because this choice and comparison of clothes.

secondly, targeting young women. Women are said to be the best money to earn, and between 18-25 years old woman’s money is the best earned. Women of this age generally pay more attention to the external image, love dress up, fashion avant-garde. And generally do not have any burden, want to buy what to buy, arbitrary. "30 years to recommend


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