Do you know the performance of Listed Companies in Xiamen 2016

Xiamen is a coastal city in China, local not only has a beautiful and charming scenery, but also a large number of high-quality listed companies, for the current development of these listed companies, we are also very concerned about the. Recently, Xiamen, China World Trade Center, YLZ Gigabit, Xiamen tungsten industry, *ST Societe Generale, violet science, Li Meng, AIU Cupressaceae and a number of Listed Companies in Xiamen have released 2016 annual results letters or forecast. Most pre Hi, even some net profit increased by 200%, while profitability is expected to uncap, but others may face the risk of delisting "hat".

pre hi Xiamen prices in the most fashionable recently when the number of red hot Gbps, the company expects 2016 annual net profit compared with the same period last year will increase 195% to 235%. Xiamen China World Trade Center net profit is expected to increase by 50%-100%. AIU Cupressaceae is also good, net profit is expected to increase by 30%-50%. But although YLZ expected profits, but the performance is expected to decline over the same period last year 57.32% to 27.44%.

do you know the performance of Listed Companies in Xiamen in 2016? Through the above reports we can see that the so-called "some people happy and sad," but in general, the development is still very good! Of course, for *ST Societe Generale, the Spring Festival can be relaxed, and it will achieve profitability in 2016, so as to get rid of delisting risk. But a few happy tears, violet, said yesterday’s announcement, expected 2016 loss of 94 million yuan to 122 million yuan. Violet Science said that if the company’s 2016 annual audited net profit is negative, the company shares will be for two consecutive years of net profit is negative is subject to delisting risk warning.

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