Faced with the pressure of the United States and the United States is not willing to step closer to

believes that the beauty of the brand influence can not be ignored, and the pressure on the face of a strong competitor to comment, the United States did not close to the u.s.. Why is this? And let Xiaobian for your careful analysis.

had a life-and-death matter, why is this?

We need a

At present, Ali

scope is to expand the scope of business, for example, used to do the opal film, now do the hotel tourism, U.S., easy to do breadth GMV.

to see where it was going

1. continue to do business breadth. Do takeout hotel tickets, do beauty…… No matter the high frequency or the long tail is not the long tail, as long as the life of service, there may be. But the United States is the foundation of the food group, so to move the United States mission, it is necessary to destroy his food, rather than what to do to go out to play like Baidu, which is a waste of money, useless.

2. do the depth of each vertical category. For example, take out to the front end of the distribution, back-end toB ingredients, the middle of the account. Hotel do recommend


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