Huang Han announced its withdrawal from the non – iron triangle only Meng Fei

"If You Are The One" can be said to be the ancestor of the dating show, popular at home and abroad, it is to let me know Mophy, Huang Han et al. In the program, "yellow grandma" gentle, kind-hearted, very friendly, loved by the public, just yesterday, announced its withdrawal from the non Cheng Huang han.

yesterday, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter got the news, "" edge to If You Are The One guests Huang Han in a year ago when recording program officially announced to leave. It is reported that, in the years before the last recording program, with the audience through six years of the Han Huang officially announced the "left edge to If You Are The One either temporary or", "for a long time, I have to leave for a period of time, we go back to the middle."

in the broadcast six years, Huang Han side guests for a warm and beautiful, she was the audience affectionately known as "iron huang". In the face of friends leave, said Meng Fei left Huang Han is due to other arrangements, personal life, family, and Huang Lei believes that this is a temporary, he also actively broke Huang Han’s exhortations, "don’t let me leave to take care of Meng Fei."


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