Several ways to create economic benefits in the exhibition

are now held everywhere some investment properties at the same time, in this exhibition, some of the exhibition is to attract more people’s attention, at the same time to sell their products, a good investment show the development is very important.

in addition to the Liuzhou local luosifen slightly highlights, delicacy festival always laosanyang: Stinky tofu, kebabs and Hot and Sour Rice Noodles. These perennial run of the food business customers, they rely on the national exhibition venue and health, Liuzhou has been a number of times, and every time I look at the face feel familiar.

if busy enough, lack of focus "is the most common problem of the Liuzhou exhibition, so sometimes the focus is very terrible, a show from A to Z for others to do the wedding dress, you said that this account is not too



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