What needs to be prepared to open a shop in the building

as long as the entrepreneurial shop on the need to prepare adequate funding, which is a foundation for the normal development of entrepreneurship. Funds, is undoubtedly the shop, the election of goods based hardware: now, you might as well pick up the calculator, a good calculation, how much money in the end their business? Undoubtedly, the more capital, on behalf of you in this industry living space is also bigger, because you need to manage all aspects in order to open up a store, now, we calculate in the open floor shop is what you have to spend the money.

first, rent. The reason why the store opened in order to save the rent, but it is still one of the larger costs we need to pay.

the second floor shop store decoration, this is a matter of "things and success", had seen a case, probably is one of the women shopping psychological test, the test indicates that there are more than 80% of women have a "Maiduhaizhu" mentality. It’s easy to say that a woman can see things outside of the article when they are shopping.

such as a beautiful box, a beautiful and practical gifts, they in a shop, the shop decoration plays a very important role, they are likely to store the color, display and choose whether to enter or whether to buy, so is a must do things in store decoration. This also requires a sum of money.

supplies, fixed equipment we have so many, we need our consumables, frame, hook, locker room and so on, in addition to large shop decoration, these things looking up is not a small cost, how beautiful and durable, it needs to be very careful in reckoning in open floor shop at the beginning.

fourth is also the core of the purchase and purchase. This includes many things: such as logistics, purchase channels, cost of goods itself costs, and will face the backlog of hoarding goods cost. With the principles of a penny stock, the time of purchase may be difficult to control the cost of the floating price and so on, these must be in the floor of the shop operator’s consideration.

finally, the most overlooked part of any business people are not sure that things can sell very well at the beginning, the actual situation is whether the future will be how to develop the first two months, is not to make money, so long, if you want to do it, at least to prepare for three months or more than half of the reserves, so that it will not allow the operator in the shop floor is too passive.

all of these cost considerations based on the combination of market and interests their target population, as well as their own channel resources can be determined to open their own shop to consider what, opened this shop, what is your business model? What is the size of the operation, in addition to their own


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