Top ten car tire brands list

car tires as our feet, although only a part, but the use of the whole car played a very decisive role. Therefore, it is very important for the consumers to choose a better car tyre brand. So, car tires which brand is good?

tire is a kind of ground rolling circular elastic rubber product assembled on various vehicles or machinery. Usually installed on the metal rim, can support the body, cushion the impact of the outside world, to achieve contact with the road and to ensure the performance of the vehicle. Data show that a lot of sixty percent of the car accident was caused by the explosion of the car tires. So good tires can reduce the frequency of accidents. So, what brand of tire is better? Through the ten major brands of car tires to tell you what brand of tire is better!

car tire ten brand ranking NO1- Michelin michelin

‘s first exhibition in 1898 in Lyon, the Michelin brothers found a pile of different diameter corner of the tire like human shape. Shortly after the painter Jialuo according to the pile of European tire. Create a tire composed of many special characters, so, Michelin tire people — will Beadon (Bibendum) "was born.


comprises a removable tire to the latest development of the vertical tire bead anchor "(PAX system), Michelin’s products have been in many areas, whether it is a car, or engineering, agricultural machinery, suspension system, and even the aerospace field, omnipresent Michelin technology. Cars of every country in the world, including antique cars, light buses, luxury cars, four wheel drive off-road vehicles, all kinds of trucks…… Are equipped with its all-weather tires or snow tires, Michelin traveled all over the world.

car tire ten brand ranking NO2- Pirelli Pirelli

1872, a 24 year old engineer, entrepreneur zovanyi · Mr. Pirelli founded the Pirelli company in Italy city of Milan. After World War II, invented in 1948, Cinturato, Pirelli tire. At the beginning of 70s, Pirelli took the lead for the high performance cars specifically designed to produce low – "flat car tyres, which is following the revolutionary technological innovation since the invention of radial tire.

80 in the early 1980s, as an active advocate of the environmental movement and response, Pirelli has launched reduce energy consumption, low rolling resistance tires to save energy. In 1995, the new composite silica Pirelli and other advanced achievements in science and technology, the successful development of active safety system for tire strain.

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