Clothing store can not be on the wholesalers

clothing store newcomers to the wholesale market, as many of us into the clothing store to buy clothes, because do not understand, it is easy to be fooled by a few words fooled. In short, avoid to purchase a dress shop, some new stores, a clothing wholesale market is very easy to see is a novice. This can not be fooled by the clothing wholesalers! So for the novice, clothing stores need to master what skills? Today Xiaobian for everyone to talk about, in the process of clothing wholesale easy to encounter several scenarios!

novice to do wholesale clothing, started out in the wholesale market will be slaughtered several times, many have started to enter the clothing wholesale market, experts talk casually will be able to see it, this is commonly known as the " " expert; fish;, encounter this kind of customers, business is the most love. Commonly known as " ", pick up the fish; because the people do not understand the clothing wholesale market, do not know how to bargain, do not know how to see the clothing styles, tend to be profiteers flicker, this is a lot of buyers just into the first act that met in the clothing wholesale market, here we have to enumerate three kinds of common.

scenario one: "this year’s’ Board ‘the most popular, we are here this year, the explosion, but the entire clothing wholesale market is only one of us, you can not find anywhere else."

I believe that many buyers into their stalls to pick up a piece of clothing will be likely to hear this sentence, so if the boss says to you this sentence, also said he is designed to do foreign trade clothing wholesale, quality than other stores are good, here we do not take it seriously. In the clothing wholesale market, anyone in his shop to see any clothes he would say, with daily life to meet said "do not eat" is the same meaning, almost one day said hundreds of times, see no one is this sentence (not a point). Are you with him a few years ago not sell fast rotten moldy stock, he would say. So we must believe their eyes, don’t be deceived by unscrupulous trick.

but he said to you "not others", it is not possible, because the clothing wholesale market is the basic sales, and most were not their own factory and outside processing, and a possible purchase in the same clothing processing factory, only mark the clothes with the water mark of distinction, "hit" is the most common thing, if traders would not let price, then we don’t go home around, maybe there is more cheaper than his home, general position is not a particularly good booth, the price will be lower, the first floor is the most expensive.

scenario two: "I wear this is just out of the new, this year’s best-selling market! I have a home."

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