How about this brand of sushi

in the food and beverage industry has emerged a very popular consumer favorite brand projects, sushi sushi. This is a buffet like sushi shop, what you want to eat in front of the line. Of course, the meal is not the same as. The two person is not face to face, but side by side, seems closer.

a good food and beverage franchise brand, must be able to find opportunities from the industry’s development prospects, market demand and consumer acceptance and other details. Feng Feng sushi sushi to meet the needs of the contemporary national diet, low fat and low calorie green health food. Excellence, continuous innovation, to meet the changing needs of customers, is the pursuit of Feng feng. Many investors in the investment will ask, Feng Feng sushi sushi to join the brand in the end how to do the following, Xiao Bian will give you a share of Feng Feng sushi sushi to join the brand situation.

Feng Feng sushi sushi to join the brand in the end how?

Yuanfeng rotary life is part of Shanghai flower vine Cci Capital Ltd, the company is expected to market in 2017. Feng Feng sushi is committed to doing the green and healthy Japanese cuisine, and the Japanese cuisine and music restaurant combined to create a harmonious and warm dining atmosphere. Since the opening up to join the industry, Feng Feng sushi to join the headquarters of various departments closely cooperate with each detail from the start, to create the most responsible brand.

think guest, think of the problems that may occur to problems occurred before * * plans, and in guest questions before solve the problem, to take practical action to exceed their expectations of service, this is the edge of Feng sushi joined the basic requirements of each employee. No detail size, whether to store the pattern of grasp, or small to employee behavior, product presentation, whether it is the edge of Feng headquarters investment staff and designers, decorators, or sushi Yuanfeng stores waiter. Every step of the operation in every detail it will have unexpected effects, because these details determine the customer perception of the brand.

depends on whether the development of the brand, the number of indicators is the number of stores. Although the number of Yuanfeng sushi franchise chain stores are not many, but the pace of expansion is very robust, truly a step by step development. At the same time Feng Feng sushi sushi headquarters to join in the product can meet the needs of consumers, and can cultivate a large number of customers rely on the brand, is the ultimate goal of development.

Yuanfeng sushi to fear every penny you pay, let your money’s worth! Address: Shanghai Wanyuan City Caohejing Development Zone Road No. 2158, room 1015, welcomed the intention of the investors to visit.


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